Oil Spills

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What is Oil Spills or Oil Spillage?

“When crude oil is spilled into a marine environment it eventually breaks down into several different components, each of which have their own eventual fates and cause their own problems for the environment. In many spills involving tankers or offshore oil wells, some of the oil spilled initially catches fire. When crude oil burns, the combustion results in atmospheric emissions of gasses which contribute to global warming (CO2) and acid rain (SO2, NOx), as well as large quantities of toxic ash. The toxic ash is made up of microscopic particles which can travel for hundreds of kilometres. Humans inhaling these particles may experience allergic reactions which result in sore throats and breathing problems.”

Energy Fact Sheet
Originally Published by the Energy Educators of Ontario, 1993

Energy Fact Sheet – Oil Spills
TABLE 1: Oil discharged into the marine environment from maritime transport (millions of tons annually) (35K).
TABLE 2: Major oil spills from tankers: 1960, 1965-1989 (69K).
FIGURE 1: (156K)
FIGURE 2: (144K)
Fate and Effects
Fate of Marine Oil Spills
Effects of Marine Oil Spills
Oil spills in the sea
Accidents during the offshore oil and gas development
Oil Pollution of the Sea
Environmental impact of the offshore oil and gas industry
Oil Pollution
Oil Spills
Oil Spills – A Fact Sheet
World – Disasters – Oil Spills
The Effects of Maritime Oil Spills on Wildlife including Non-Avian Marine Life
Oil Spill Images
Environmental Toxicology

Example of Recent Oil Spills

Prestige – November 19, 2002
– November 21, 2002 Experts Evaluate Environmental Damage from Prestige Oil Spill
– December 04, 2002 Slick from sunken Prestige approaches Portuguese coast
– December 05, 2002 Prestige is still leaking oil
– December 06, 2002 More oil found leaking from Prestige
– Decembr 08, 2002 Concern oil slicks may hit france
– December 10, 2002 Spanish PM hints at Prestige errors
– December 11, 2002 Analysis: Salvaging the Prestige
– December 11, 2002 Loss of Prestige recalls price of Exxon Valdez
– December 11, 2002 Prestige could leak until 2006
– December 12, 2002 Prestige tanker will leak oil for another three years
– December 16, 2002 Thousands in Barcelona Protest Prestige Oil Spill
– December 20, 2002 End in Sight for Single hull Oil Tankers

Example of Past Oil Spills

The Torrey Canyon – March 18, 1967
Oil Spills: The Torrey Canyon

The Amoco Cadiz – March 16, 1978
– March 23, 1978 Tanker’s entire load spills into sea
The Amoco Cadiz Image
Oil Spills: A Case Study of the Amoco Cadiz

The Exxon Valdez – March 24, 1989
10 years later, debate still rages over effects of Exxon Valdez oil spill
The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: How Much Oil Remains?
The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
The Exxon Valdez Image
Oil Spill Facts – Lingering Oil
Oil Spill Facts – Questions and Answers
The Impact On Life
10 Years of Intertidal Monitoring After the Exxon Valdez Spill

The Gulf War – January 1991
Oil Spills: The Gulf War

New Carissa – February 4, 1999
Oil Spills: New Carissa

Erika – December 1999
– April 02, 2000 Thousands protest in Paris against ‘Erika’ oil spill
The Memory of Erika