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Question: What Diesel Power Plant will be transferred to Patria?
Answer: Pinamucan Bunker-Fired Diesel Power Plant

In this section, you will be able to read several news and articles on National Power Corporation’s (NAPOCOR or NPC) financial and operational issues, the Coal Power Plant issues, and other reports related to the Diesel Power Plant problems . This is to show you few things that might happen if the Diesel Power Plant in Patria will push through.

– A commentary on the Philippine energy situation
This commentary was written in 1993 about the energy crisis in the Philippines. But you will also read here about NAPOCOR’s problems that have been there no matter how many times it changes its members of the Board of Directors and its President and Chief Executive Officer.

DOE – Department of Energy
– Philippine Energy Plan (PEP) 2002-2011 Highlights

EMB – Environmental Management Bureau
October 09, 2002 Coal Power Plants vow compliance to Environmental Laws

CBE – Communities for a Better Environment
– Toxics News Alerts
– City proposes Alternatibe to Potrero Power Plant
– Speak out for our Bay and our health againt Mirant’ Power Plant

August 27, 2001 Rockwell’s Dirty Secret
March 08, 2002 Napocor debt reaches P310 billion
June 25, 2002 As I See It by Neal H. Cruz
June 26, 2002 Environmental group accuses Napocor of blackmail in Misamis Oriental
July 07, 2002 Loren calls on Davaoeños to protect environment
July 10, 2002 Diesel-powered plant in Boracay opposed
July 25, 2002 Govt takes steps to renegotiate 22 IPP contracts
July 28, 2002 Coal-fired power plant not needed even as Napocor says…
August 5-8, 2002 Trail of Power Mess Leads to Ramos
August 5-8, 2002 Ramos OK’ed Most Expensive IPPs
August 5-8, 2002 Ramos Friends Got Best IPP Deals
August 5-8, 2002 IMPSA is a Showcase of All that is Wrong with IPPs
August 14, 2002 Coal-fired plant proponents desperate; offer junket to local media
August 27, 2002 Why is gov’t allowing massive coal poisoning?
September 10, 2002 DENR ready to take on Napocor on coal plants?
September 13, 2002 Congress cites heavier social costs of coal plants
September 17, 2002 Napocor loses P17.5 billion
October 30, 2002 Coal-power plants under fire – 2 House panels says…
November 21, 2002 Phase out of coal-fired power plants seen
June 24, 2001 Dirty Metro Manila ‘no man’s land’ soon – Part 1
June 25, 2001 Dirty Metro Manila ‘no man’s land’ soon – Part 2

More News Reports and Articles for Information
May 24, 2000 Environment Concerns & Diesel Power Plants
October 17, 2000 US: Thousands die annually from power-plant pollution
May 2001 Keep the Dirty Diesel Plants Out of Alameda
September 30, 2001 Deaths Raise Alarm on Power Plants…
September 26, 2002 NASA study-Black Carbon contributes to Droughts and Floods…
September 27, 2002 Study says black carbon emissions in China and India…

PDF Files
– July 2000 CO2 Emissions
– August 2001 Coal-Fired Power Plants and the Menace of Mercury Emissions
Diesel Engine Power Plant Design

Power Point Presentations
– July 15, 2002 Environmental Issues in Electricity Demand Response

Samples of Frequently Asked Questions
– Frequently Asked Questions