Letter to Vice Mayor Dionela

November 07, 2002

Dear Pards Boy Arthur,

Doro gid nga salamat sa imong balus. Nabatun ko man ang minutes tang inyong consultative meeting and I’m so happy to know that the people who attended the meeting who queried the representatives of Napocor showed their unwavering concern to the preservation of our environment. Nalipay gid ako it mayad sa imong sulat nga INDI RAN MATABO, it is so assuring and heart warming. Halin pa kato Pards kun sarig kanimo, man-an man nimo ran. Until now I have never doubted your servility and loyalty to our homeland and above all your commitment and dedication to the conservation of our environment and its ecosystem. Doro ang mga sayud nga balita nahanungud sa Napocor nga nagaabot kanamun which are so convincing, we cannot help but pour out all our anger and gather all our forces to warn you of these evils.

Pards, those people from Napocor were given an assignment which they must do at all cost otherwise they will lose their job. In fact they have a time table to accomplish their mission. Their task is to find a willing community that will accomodate them so they can execute their plans and their project. You cannot blame them. It’s their duty. Concern for nature and its inhabitants are second only to their task. Of course they will offer convincing answers to the problems and complications of their project, that’s where they are so skillfull and very well-trained, orally, that is. But if you take a closer look at the effectiveness of these remedies, the fact will bear you out that all their quick fix solutions and even their best monitoring system have never been successful anywhere else in the country. It always ended up to the destruction of the environment around it. Pangasinan, Ex-President Ramos’ province is a living witness to the wanton destruction of this monster they call DIESEL POWERED PLANT. We are so lucky Ex. Pres. Ramos is not from Antique for he was the one, during his term, who put the newest diesel powered plant in his favored province. Even developed countries like the USA and in almost all Europian countries they have never succeeded in controlling the ill effects of it diesel powered plants in the animals and plants around them regardless of the high- tech state- of- the- art monitoring system that they used and despite the efficiency of the men handling them. That’s why these diesel powered plants are being condemned left and right in whichever web site you surf and in whichever research papers you browse. Efficiency! one important word that you will never find in the dictionary of Napocor. How can you trust them?

Pards, ang Napocor is like water nga ginbobo sa papel nga ginakaptan. They have to destroy the paper. If not entirely, it has to look for a weak spot where they must penetrate so it can continue to flow. Inevitably they will make the paper useless. Trabaho lang walang personalan they will say. Sa kadorohon it lugar sa Panay, ang atun banwa pa ang andang ginpili. Wanhaw bala? Nabasa ko ang andang rason sa minutes of the consultative meeting. I cannot buy their crop. Probably laughing behind our backs, to them Pandan is the most expedient place to construct their project because madaling puntahan and the people are very hospitable. It gave them this devilish smile of a rapist who at last found a young victim. Willing na, accomodating pa. But that’s where they are wrong. Right? Indi tatun Pards magpaloko sa mga tawo nga ran. Kon may samadun sanda nga lugar, it must never be Pandan. Why? Because it is our town kag ang mga Pandananuns are dungganun nga mga tawo, well bred and highly educated nga indi maudut it mga oportunista kag iresponsable nga mga tawo.

Matuud Pards, MAYAD TATUN MANGAMIGO, and I understand why we accomodated them. Sa dugo natun ran and I’m proud of it. I hope they already read our body language nga asta lang tatun sa pangamigo.

Pards, pasensyaha lang kami kon natapakan namun ang inyong mga sike rogyan but bukun it hungud ran. Nag pauran lang tamun it amun concern and just like what the rain does, indi gid pwede nga owat mabasa. Migohay gyapon tatun Pard because we will never be enemies, man-an mo ran. Sobra run kadalum tun pag-urunungay halin pa tang istot kita, rest assured, indi gid pwede ran nga samadun it bisan ano nga klase it pwersa sa kalibutan.

God bless you my friend and I pray that you remain steadfast and unyielding in your adherence and commitment to the preservation of our environment and the welfare of our people. I remain

Sincerely yours,